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My work is inspired by the splendor of nature and the beauty of the human experience.  I am moved by the struggles of our inner thoughts and the fantasies we create to escape them!   


I design and fabricate one of a kind, handmade, stainless steel sculptures.  I like making geometric abstracts and figurative originals.  Using stainless steel sheets and found objects; I manually cut, form, weld, and texture each piece.  I add luminous color with heat-treated patinas, special paints, and hand-formed acrylic sheets infused with dynamic LED lights. 

My work is as physically and technically challenging as it is rewarding.  I am a full time sculptor and I love it! 


I hope my work evokes shared memories, emotions, and dreams.  Enjoy!

Dan, Steph, Blake & Jack - Nov 2018.jpg
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